Why is hypnotherapy so effective in treating depression?

Are you feeling helpless, hopeless or stuck? Imagine being able to achieve what you want in life without the constant struggle. With hypnotherapy, depression doesn’t have to be forever.

While not necessarily a lifetime illness, Major Depressive Disorder is a serious medical condition impacting over 350 million people worldwide and around six per cent of Australians. Unlike other conditions, it doesn’t always respond well to medication. For most people, the best way to see long-term results is to get to the root cause of depression. 

With hypnotherapy, that’s exactly what we do. We work with you to determine the thoughts, emotions and behaviours associated with your depression. Then we create a custom treatment plan, including deep trance hypnosis, to change your negative brain pathways for good. 

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“For as long as I can remember, I haven't liked myself at all. I've struggled with relationships and most things in life. I've felt like I'm not good enough, worth anything, I don't deserve anything and that I'll always live a life unfulfilled and unhappy. I've tried so many different therapies over the years - psychologists, social workers - and none of it has worked. Now that I'm at the end of this, I've never felt better in my life than I do now.”

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“I was down in the dumps. I chose to come and see Helen. From six weeks ago to now, we've come a long way. Session by session, I was improving. The way I feel at the moment is I could climb a mountain. I chose not to take medication but to do it naturally, and I'm very impressed that I did so. My family life's a lot better. I've cut down on my workload, and I'm enjoying life.”

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“About six weeks ago, I decided to come along to see Helen regarding issues from my young childhood that I could work through. I was hoping for the benefits to reduce or come off antidepressants. I've found Helen to be such a caring and compassionate lady and very professional and knowledgeable. I had severe clinical depression, and I've halved my medication. I'm feeling fantastic - like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

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“I started suffering from depression in 2006 when my little boy was born, and it was just horrific. I was sad all the time. I was crying. I was in a dark place. No amount of medication would help me. I was having therapy after therapy, and it didn't seem to be helping. I got in touch with Helen and boy has she changed me around. The darkness isn't there in my life, and I can live again.”

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“I genuinely think this is one of the best things I've ever done. Before I came here, I was struggling through life. You do the best you can do, but I've learnt tools - almost like 'cheat codes' for life. Life feels so much easier. It's almost unfair to other people who don't do this! I've had a lot of big challenges to overcome. Those things I've gone through left a scar on my soul, but since I've come here, the scars are gone. If I go back and think about just a few weeks ago, to what I was like when I started doing this, it's like I was a different person.”


Individual results may vary.

Overcome depression in 7 simple yet
effective steps.

Identify subconscious patters

We uncover subconscious patterns and self-imposed limitations.

Change neural pathways

We eliminate your negative self talk and destructive thought patterns.

Halt negative emotions

We put a stop to negative emotions like anger, sadness, depression, fear & hurt.

Eliminate the cause of depression

We stop the depressive cycle.

Stop limiting beliefs

We uncover and end the limiting beliefs that sabotage your progress.

Activate empowering beliefs

We activate empowering beliefs and reconnect you to your passions.

Make changes permanent

Customised Deep Trance Hypnosis embeds the changes in your subconscious.

Get lasting results - quickly

Depression can bring about feelings of overwhelming helplessness. Those looking for help often turn to prescription medication and psychoanalysis in the hope of turning their lives around. If those methods are ineffective, feelings of hopelessness spiral.

The average success rate for hypnotherapy is ninety-three per cent (93%) after an average of 6 sessions. 

It takes an average of six hundred sessions of psychoanalysis to reach a thirty-eight per cent (38%) success rate. So, while analysing a person’s thoughts can work, identifying and naturally re-conditioning the mind through hypnotherapy is a more effective and faster way to treat this condition.

With hypnotherapy, the time you invest is spent actively re-programming your subconscious mind to make it better equipped to deal with triggers that are specific to you. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

The reality is that depression can happen to anyone and at any point in his or her life.

Everyone can relate to feelings of sadness and unhappiness. However, depression involves much more intense negative emotions, such as hopelessness, helplessness and anxiety that don’t go away. Half of all people will only experience depression once. The other half of people experience reoccurrences.

When depressed, a person will imagine the worst outcome in any given scenario. The power of these negative images in the conscious and subconscious mind overwhelms and leads to inaction. This is often referred to as “catastrophizing”.

Clinical hypnotherapists use positive imagery to combat this behaviour and reprogram the mind during hypnotherapy sessions. The process involves replacing negative imagines with positive images that will relax you or release stress.

The goal of hypnotherapy is to enable you to shift your outlook from negative to positive. The process doesn’t rely on modern medication. As such, it’s a natural way to get rid of depression permanently. 

Hypnotherapy is completely safe for people who suffer from depression.

Hollywood’s efforts to portray hypnotists as evildoers wishing to con those who seek them out, leaves many people uncertain about seeking help. But all our clients at HypnoFit® are awake throughout the process, so they can’t be influenced into doing something they wouldn’t choose to do.

If you suffer from depression, you’re most likely not living the best version of your life. You might find that, despite your best intentions, you typically find it hard to move forward or change. You may be hampered by negative self-talk, doubts and anxiety. This cycle of behaviour can have a compounded negative effect year-on-year. When untreated, your condition can lead to other major psychological problems such as bipolar disorder or manic-depression.

Hypnotherapy works on the mind’s natural abilities to release stress by removing emotional burdens. It’s far safer to undertake hypnotherapy than to give up hope of finding a treatment that works.

Treatment of depression takes time, but through hypnotherapy the time invested is spent actively re-programming the subconscious mind with a view to making it better equipped to deal with triggers specific to you.

At HypnoFit®, we work in tandem with each client on a tailor-made treatment plan. Our goal is to empower you to approach situations that previously brought about negative thoughts in a positive way. 

Recovery times vary from person to person and can take from six months to a year or more, but you’ll start to feel better during that time.