Step into a ready-to-go clinic with all the tools and resources you need to succeed.

Your hypnotherapy business-in-a-box

Sometimes, it’s OK to take shortcuts.

Let’s not beat around the bush. Building a successful hypnotherapy business is hard work. It takes serious time and investment to devise the strategies, tools and tactics to run a successful hypnotherapy clinic.

Why not step into a ready-to-go HypnoFit® clinic with all the tools, templates and training you need to succeed.

As a HypnoFit® Certified Partner, you’ll take advantage of our decades of experience, investment and trial and error in building a successful hypnotherapy clinic.

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What’s Included?

A hypnotherapy “business-in-a-box” with
 promotion and expert mentoring. 

All tools & templates

A hypnotherapy “business-in-a-box” with
 promotion and expert mentoring.


Attract clients with a dedicated Partner web page, prority referrals and visibility on Facebook & Youtube.

Brand awareness

Leverange off the global brand awareness of HypnoFit® and Helen Mitas to attract clients.

Expert mentoring

Enjoy expert mentoring from Helena Mitas & Marcus Bird with regular structured sessions and unlimited 1 on 1 support.

Tina Larson

Utah USA

June Callan

Auckland NZ

Evie Kane

California USA

Nicole Taylor

Victoria AUS

Ana Munir

Ontario Canada

Sharon Jackman

North Carolina USA

Rebecca McGrath

New South Wales AUS

Sonia Singh

Victoria AUS

Frances Bueno

New South Wales AUS

Karen Ingledew

Cheshire UK

Katrina Porter

California USA

HypnoFit® Therapy Systems

he HypnoFit® Therapy Systems have been the key to HypnoFit’s rapid growth and global expansion.

They consistently produce transformational results for clients, for all kinds of presenting issues.


As a HypnoFit® Certified Partner, you will be applying these groundbreaking systems into your practice.


As you take your HypnoFit® programs to market, your clinic is going to grow. We’ll equip you with all the tools, templates and guides that we’ve developed over 15+ years of operating a successful clinic.


You’ll save literally hundreds of hours by drawing on our HypnoFit® Certified Partner Resources.


To help you implement the HypnoFit® Therapy Systems, we conduct structured monthly mentoring sessions over Zoom.


These sessions run until all questions are answered. In a supportive, encouraging environment, you’ll never feel like you’ve been left to go it alone.


Easily take your clients into trance with background music, ambient tunes & binaural beats, immerse them deeper with the use of noise-cancelling, over ear studio engineered headphones and produce your own professional & personalized recordings to grow & expand your streams of income.


Of course, having a great services isn’t much good if no one knows you exist! We invest in the promotion of our HypnoFit® Certified Partners, offering you several opportunities to build authority and promote your services to potential clients.



Enjoy peace of mind that you can always call on support when you encounter a tricky situation. We offer various channels to access support from us and fellow HypnoFit® Certified Partners.


With support and mentoring from the experts

Helen mitas

Global Hypnotherapy Leader, Author, Founder of HypnoFit®

Helen Mitas is the founder of the world’s first global Hypnotherapy clinic, HypnoFit®, with 17 Hypnotherapy clinics in Australia, New Zealand , US, UK and Canada.

She was awarded Hypnotist of the Year 2018 by the Mid America Conference in Chicago. Eleni has presented and trained therapists in the HypnoFit® Success System across the globe from New York to London.

There are 3,000 Hypnotherapists from over 20 countries who are now Certified HypnoFit® Practitioners & Partners.

marcus bird

Wellness Futurist, Author, Director of HypnoFit® Global

Marcus’s mission is to move the world to wellness by teaching empowering and educational information to wellness practitioners and clients. As the author of The 3 Minute Coach, a speaker and wellness futurist with over 2 decades of experience in the wellness industry, he knows the wellness business inside and out.

Marcus knows what methods are sustainable and what training is simply hot air. Now, he wants to help you unlock your potential to become the powerful, impactful and profound wellness leader he knows you’re capable of being.


Partner with us

step up and realise your potential!

The HypnoFit® Certified Partner Program is a 6 figure+ hypnotherapy business in a box. Skip the trial and error and step into a proven model with all the tools, support and advice you need to succeed.


You may use other techniques that you learnt elsewhere to complement your HypnoFit® Services and the expectation is that you do.

There is no cost for online events. For Live events, you are welcome to attend as many times as you wish. You will only pay the cost price, which is currently approximately $100.00 per day.

You will need to have equipment to operate a Hypnotherapy Business successfully. At this point in time, it is expected you have headphones and a recliner for the client.

You do not need to change your décor and signage if it is professional and modern. It is expected that you refresh your décor to present a professional image in the future.

Twelve months. You may then elect to renew the agreement for 10% of the original investment for the next 12 months.